Notice Inviting Tender of 90 Watt LED Street at Lunglei, Mizoram.

Tender : 29 September, 2011

(Established Under Energy Conservation Act 2001)

No. T-11011/62/2008-EI(SDA) Part –II (Lunglei)/14 : Dated Aizawl the, 26th August 2011

The Chief Electrical Inspector, Electrical Inspectorate, Power & Electricity Department, Mizoram, Aizawl on behalf of the Governor of Mizoram invites sealed & separate tenders in the form of “Technical” and “Financial Bid” from reputed manufacturers or their authorized dealers for "Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 90 Watt LED street light systems with all fixtures, fittings to be installed in Lunglei, Mizoram affixing nonrefundable court fee stamp worth Rs. 8.25 (Rupees Eight and twenty five paisa) only in case of non-tribal tenderers and valid HTPC in case of tribal tenderers.

Cost of tender document : Rs. 500/-
Earnest Money : Rs. 50,000/- (half for ST)
Last date of receipt of tender : 30.09.2011 upto 12:00 noon.
Opening of Technical Bid : 30.09.2011 at 1:00 p.m.

The tender document can be obtained from the Office of the undersigned, during office hours on any working day from 1.9.2011 by paying the cost of tender. The financial bid of only those bidders who qualify in technical bid shall be opened, for which a suitable date shall be announced on the date of the opening of the tenders. The undersigned reserves the rights to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason. The tender document may also be sent by e-mail to the interested persons/firms on request by e-mail at Those who obtained tenders documents by e-mail may give cost of tender at the time of submission of tender.

Downloadable Documents
Tender Documents.pdf
  • V. Rodingliana
    Chief Electrical Inspector