Efficiently addressing all commercial energy sources.

Reducing energy consumption in generation and transmission.

Promoting reduction of GHG emission in the State of Mizoram.

  • To proactively fulfill all the mandates of EC act in co-ordination with BEE and State Government, and other stakeholders.
  • To promote the cause of energy efficiency addressing all commercial energy sources. (Coal, oil and electricity).
  • Reduction of energy consumption in generation, transmission, distribution and end use through efficiency improvements and rational use.
  • To address the concerns of utilities such as demand shortage as well as energy shortages through focused DSM initiatives.
  • To promote reduction of GHG emission in the State of Mizoram.
  • To promote use of energy efficient technologies, equipment, processes, and devices.
  • To promote awareness in respect of EC act, energy efficiency, standards, best practices, etc.
  • To promote about ECBC and S&L.
  • To reduce fuel consumption in Transport Sector by Efficiency Improvement.
  • To reduce energy consumption in Domestic Sector by way of educating the users.

    Energy Conservation Action Team (ECAT) will be formed by MZSDA. ECAT team members are perceived to be the task managers for various MZSDA activities.

    Initiatives for capacity building on energy efficiency both internally and for consumer segments have been taken up through training programmes and workshops.

    So far, the MZSDA activities addressed towards conservation and efficient use by observing Energy Conservation Day on 14th Dec every year.

    Publicity of Energy Conservation slogans in local newspapers and other media are regularly carried out.

    A high state level steering committee would be formed for providing guidance, co-ordination and monitoring the effective implementation of EC Act – 2001.

    MZSDA has adopted the energy policy for the state of Mizoram.

    About Us

    Electrical Inspectorate was designated as State Designated Agency under Energy Conservation Act 2001 by Government of Mizoram. Vide No. No.B.16012/11/2000-P&E, Dated 12 February 2008. MZSDA is presently headed by Ms. L. Hmar, Electrical Inspector, Government of Mizoram. Office of the Electrical Inspectorate, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl. Presently all manpower - infrastructural, administrative and secretarial support is drawn from P&E department. MZSDA is presently functioning from Office of the Electrical Inspector, P&E department.

    The Electrical Inspectorate is manned by an Electrical Inspector having the following staff - (a) Electrical Inspector - 1 (b) Asst.Electrical Inspector - 1 (c) Divisional Accountant - 1 (d) Head Assistant - 1 (e) Asst.Divisional Accountant -2 (f) Junior Engineer - 3 (g) U.D.C. –2 (h) L.D.C - 2 (i) Tracer - 1 (j) Peon - 2 (k) Chowkidar -1` (l) Driver - 1.

    Mizoram is situated in the north eastern region of India with an area of 21,087 sq. km and 8 districts. Mizoram shares its boundary with Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Main languages spoken in Mizoram are Mizo, Hindi and English and other local dialects. Mizoram is having a total population 0.89 million (2001 Census).

    New Initiatives Taken In The Year 2008 - 2009

  • Survey of buildings at state level which fall under the Energy Conservation ACT.
  • Organise training of designated Consumers by experts through BEE.
  • Organising observation of State Level Energy Conservation Day on 14th Dec.
  • Preparation of Annual year book of energy conservation measure at State Level.
  • Conduct of Demonstration Project on Energy Efficiency Improvement in 2 selected public water works in Mizoram. The Energy audit studies would be taken up by associating Energy Service Company through BEE.
  • Small scale Industries situated in clusters at Zuangtui, Aizawl will be made a demo project for facilitating implementation of Energy Efficiency programmes in Small & medium clusters.
  • 5 Government buildings will be selected to bring out energy efficiency opportunities through comprehensive energy audits.
  • Activities carried out in the year 2007 - 2008

  • By the initiation of SDA, Government of Mizoram have issued notification for mandatory use of CFL, Electronic chokes, ISI marked electrical switches and internal wiring accessories in Government building/Corporation/Government aided institution/Board.(Copy enclosed)
  • Aizawl Development Authority is moved to amend building bye-law for inclusion of mandatory use of CFL, electronic chokes etc.
  • Mandatory use of Solar Water Heating System is already included in building bye-law.
  • Pamphlets are prepared and distributed to all the electrical consumers in Aizawl, Capital of Mizoram. The pamphlets is printed in local language and is mainly for educating the public on efficient use of energy in respect to lighting, Air conditioner, Heaters, Refrigerators.(Sample enclosed)
  • Advertisement is made through local newspapers and through magazine in local language.
  • Awareness campaign on advantage use of CFL and electronic chokes was done by staging short skit on the occasion of Mizoram Wrestling Championship on March 2008.
  • Promotion of energy efficient through electronic media was done by making a video film in local language and the same was broadcast in local TV cable channels.
  • IT consultant is appointed for establishing internet platform and for designing data base.
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